Fines and Imprisonment
Thursday, 10 December 2015

During the Order of Business in the Seanad, I said: Yesterday, the Leader said that instead of putting people in jail for not paying their fines, we should deduct the fine from their salary or social welfare payment. I remember this being proposed many years ago but I am not sure what happened to the proposal...

Is it possible that we have not moved on it or is there a constitutional reason for not doing so? It appears there are people in jail because they have not paid their television licence, which does not make sense.

Senator Mooney talked about the Garda Síochána. Yesterday, there was a case in which two gardaí went to Limerick with a Member of the other House who was released an hour and a half later. I do not know whether the two gardaí came back again but it must have taken them some time. This is a situation in which we could deduct fines from salaries, social welfare payments or other income. It is worthy of discussion and decision. We had a debate on a Bill on fines in this House recently. Perhaps the Leader can tell us if anything is happening in this area. It was his suggestion yesterday that reminded me of it.

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