Fuel policy is fossilised - we must consider nuclear option
Thursday, 26 February 2009
An energy crunch will follow the credit crunch if Ireland persists in relying on fossil fuels. It is a time for questions.

The financial and economic crisis that has convulsed the world in recent months has prompted an array of justifiably angry interrogations by citizens of their policymakers, their regulators and their bankers. How was this allowed to happen? Why was nothing done to stop it? How was it not spotted sooner?

The True Cost of Public Infrastructure
Thursday, 29 January 2009

ImageAn assessment of any project must include the cost to surrounding businesses and people.

Fiddling with an allen key in order to assemble a flat-pack coffee table is an almost universal experience for people across the developed world. But while the process of assembling a table usually involves little more than a puzzled examination of the instruction leaflet, the construction of the large out-of-town stores where such tables are bought is far more complex...

"History comes full circle as supermarket closes"
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Image"The man who brought 'Ireland's first supermarket' to Dundalk recalled yesterday the exciting days of setting up the Clanbrassil Street store almost 50 years ago..."

 by Anne Campell, published in The Argus

Podcast - Today with Pat Kenny 'Think Tank'
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
Pat talks to a live studio audience about their "big idea's" to kick start the economy. Feargal was on the panel considering these ideas.
Letter to Santa from an Irish businessman
Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dear Santa, You must be surprised to receive this letter from me after 50 years of my not writing. I know I didn't thank you after the very last gift you gave, but let me say that the toy fire engine was great. I still have it in the attic somewhere.

I'm writing now because Irish business is struggling this year and I thought you could help. My cousin is a banker and he doesn't even believe in you, but he's getting such a lovely gift that I thought I couldn't go wrong by putting pen to paper and asking for some modest help from you.

The only way to kill speed is to capture it on camera
Friday, 24 September 2004

In the Irish Times on the 25th September 2004, I said:

By making the right investment, we can immediately cut our road deaths to the lowest levels of any country in the world. As a businessman, I am attracted by the fact that the return on this investment would be both sizeable and fast.

A businessman's view of ethics

For a book called "A Just Society", edited by John Scally and published in 2003, I contributed this chapter:

Taking the Information Society seriously

In January 2006, I wrote this article for the programme of the UCC Commerce Society Business Conference. It also appeared in the Irish Times:

When I graduated in 1960, Ireland was still mainly an agricultural economy. The Lemass/Whitaker revolution soon shifted the emphasis to manufacturing, which grew as the importance of agriculture dwindled. For nearly half a century, manufacturing has been the driver of our economic growth, mainly of course manufacturing by foreign-owned firms attracted here by the IDA. High-tech manufacturing was at the heart of the Celtic Tiger.

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